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    Go in medicine

    Learn how migrating systems to Go helps the Rx industry create market-leading products.

    Modernizing systems

    • Transition from an outdated system
    • What makes a modern system
    • Go as a cutting-edge solution

    Coding standards

    • Best coding practices for building high-performance products
    • Distributed team collaboration in global projects
    • No cross-codes review for shorter time to market

    DDD & Common Contracts

    • Principles of domain-based design with common contracts
    • Achieving project consistency


    What can you help me with?

    In order to get you covered in every stage of your product development, we offer a wide variety of services from project and technology consulting through product design and development to QA and testing and Team Augmentation just to name a few. Thanks to our wide offering you can be more certain that we will be able to help you throughout the entire product lifecycle. The same goes for technology. Providing technology consulting and bringing on board the latest future-proof technology stack that can be easily merged into any preexisting system is one of our main expertise.

    Why should I choose you and not hire my own software development team?

    Choosing an external vendor instead of an in-house development team comes with many advantages. Our engineers are highly experienced and can start working on your project in no time. It all comes down to what your goals and capabilities are. Bringing an external team on board for your project will give your access to a larger pool of talents especially if you have an option to offshore your development, which often comes with somewhat lower development costs and much higher flexibility in augmenting your team.

    What is the quality of your engineers?

    The high quality of engineers is our most valuable asset. We take the evaluation of our employees very seriously, with multiple verification steps including specific technology-related tests, logic tests, personality verification, and background checks. If needed we can provide you with CVs/Resumes or project portfolios that will give you an even better view of our engineers’ experience and qualifications in relation to your particular needs.

    What technologies do you use?

    Even though our main focus and expertise is Go, as we feel that most companies can easily benefit from this technology, we work with a broad selection of the most popular technologies that are implemented by our team depending on the Client’s needs and project requirements.

    How much would it cost and what does the price include?

    Our prices include the vast knowledge and experience of our engineers. We work only with highly experienced senior software developers. This approach ensures only the highest quality of our services, whether it is team augmentation, software development, or tech consulting. Sourcing, training, and maintaining only the best talents consume a lot of resources. This approach ensures that our clients can build their projects in the best possible way, however, it also comes with a price. We are not trying to find the cheapest solutions for our client but the best one.

    Can you support my existing development team?

    Yes. We can support your existing development team with our team augmentation services or by providing Go training to your in-house engineers.

    How do you estimate the length and price of a new project?

    Usually, the first step for us, when starting a new project, is assigning a dedicated consultant. His role is to gather client’s business needs and translate is into the project scope which leads to a very precise estimation of cost and timeline. We work closely with our clients always finding the best solution for the task at hand - both in terms of scope and budget. Utilizing an Agile methodology in our projects ensures a constant feedback loop that the scope, timeline, and price are always in the client’s control.

    When to choose Go?

    Go is a great choice for building light-weight microservices, whether from the ground up or breaking a preexisting monolith. Its ability to run code quickly comes in handy whenever a high performance is needed. Due to its speed and simplicity, Go can make the code more reliable overall.

    Is Go good for cost optimization?

    Go helps to optimize costs in many areas. Go is specifically designed to make application development highly productive and time-efficient which makes for a short time to market. Moreover, Go applications use much fewer server resources when compared to other technologies like PHP or Python. This is achieved while still maintaining high performance. Go saves costs with a high officiant development process while using fewer server resources and keeping high performance.

    What are Go benefits?

    Compared to many other technologies Go is faster and easier to develop and maintain while being highly cost-efficient. This performance increase is achievable in addition to Go Applications being safer, easier to maintain with fewer runtime errors.

    Why is Go getting more popular?

    It is true that more and more businesses are adapting Go for their needs. That’s because it was built from the ground up to offer high performance and run code quickly, which makes it highly efficient while being able to optimize development and maintenance costs at the same time.