Complete Go course for engineers and aspiring developers who know at least one programming language other than Go.

Who is the course for?

Software engineers or novice programmers who know at least one programming language other than Go. Preferably, an object-oriented language used on the back-end side. The course will be much easier for those who can already write basic code in Java, C++, PHP or .net.

Learn to program in Go
and write your first
production-grade code.

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    What you will learn

    • How to create REST APIs
    • How to operate databases
    • How to implement SOLID
      (principles) in real-life scenarios
    • How to execute error handling according
      to latest industry standards
    • How to manage multithreading
      (using mutexes and channels)

    What will
    you learn?

    Course includes

    Free first module

    Lifetime access

    Access on mobile

    Certificate of completion


    The course consists of three modules. Each module is divided into more detailed sections.

    Module Goals and Objectives
    Integration tests Implement business logic
    faster thanks to the simplicity
    of the Go language.
    Caching Learn how to work with
    both SQL and NoSQL
    Instrumentation Learn best
    practices for writing
    API servers.
    Error handling Gain knowledge from experts
    about how to create well-designed and
    maintainable code.
    Code optimization Get acquainted with the
    operation principles of various
    libraries and technologies.
    Working with SQL databases Work on real-life code examples
    and excel at error handling.

    Learning Outcomes

    The course is designed to help you quickly transfer your programming skills from any language to Go. Students who take the course will learn about the general principles of Go coding. The course will detail the differences between Go and other programming languages and teach the best practices for writing programs in Go. After the course, you will be ready to start working and writing production-grade code.

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    Who is it for (companies or individuals)?

    Our course is designed so that anyone can benefit from it - individuals, developers who want to expand their knowledge, and companies who want to boost their ability to create projects using Go.

    What is your Go experience?

    GoSolve specializes in delivering purely Go-based projects. Our developers have used Go since 2011 in various commercially successful projects. Our clients come mostly from referrals, which says a lot about the quality of our services. We decided to use our in-house knowledge to design a unique Go course that helps developers expand their expertise in this technology.

    Who will teach me?

    The course was designed and is taught by highly experienced senior Go developers with over 10 years of experience in this technology.

    Do you have a special offer for entire teams?

    Yes. We can prepare a custom training and consulting offer for entire teams. Before preparing such an offer, our experts will audit your team to better understand its needs and requirements. Contact us for more details.

    Do you offer custom courses for companies?

    Yes. We first analyze your dev team’s knowledge and experience and then prepare a custom Go course that will answer your business needs.

    What will I learn?

    You will learn Go, starting with the basics and ending with an advanced understanding of how to use Go. The course is focused on designing and building a good foundation that will fit the majority of projects. It is possible to extend the course or focus on particular parts of it if you or your company desire.

    Is it live or pre-recorded?

    The standard course is online and pre-recorded. However, we can also offer a custom-made live course for your team or company that caters directly to your specific needs.

    When can I start the course?

    You can start the course at your earliest convenience. Just follow the link on the GoSolve Academy page.

    How many total lessons/ how long does it take?

    The course is taken at your pace. It consists of 5-7 lessons that cover the most popular elements of a Go project. It is possible to finish in less than a week.

    What is the course level?

    The course was created by developers who are experienced with multiple languages. Therefore, a basic understanding of development is required to benefit from this course.