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We improve

Apart from doing our job, we are always looking for ways to improve the organizations we work with. Our developers are not only closing Jira tasks – they are proactive and eager to do much more!

We care

We assign well-coordinated dev teams to your resources and always ensure our developers are properly onboarded, familiar with the project, and successful.

We grow

Every developer is an expert in her/his field. Nevertheless, we are always looking for ways to improve and help our people grow. We have a vast talent pool and experience helping large companies implement Go.

GO software development

We build self-organizing remote teams that develop Web APIs and custom projects.
If you need a prototype or product to be developed, we’re happy to help.

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Increase company’s efficiency up to 60% by leveraging technology experts.

15 days

Reduce time of hiring the best talents to just 15 days thanks to global reach and effective recruitment.

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Top tech solutions & code quality

We believe well-written architecture means better product performance, scalability, and less maintenance. Thanks to 10 years of experience, we ensure the highest code quality.


Smooth coding process

We provide the best in-class teams that mantain fast-paced development in an agile framework. Team members are dedicated, diligent, and deliver milestones on time.


No technical obstacles

Our experienced developers can overcome any technical obstacle. We have diverse talent capable of developing your prototype or product.

Migration to GO

Converting legacy or monolithic apps to GO or
microservices? We will guide you through!


Increased performance by 78%, on average, by migrating from other technologies.


30% shorter onboarding of new developers to current Go database compared to other technologies.

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Increase performance

With us, your company will easily migrate products to modern, high-performing tech. You’ll also spend less on cloud infrastructure, decrease latency, and increase the number of concurrent users.

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Smooth coding process

If you want to release updates and new features more often, Go is the solution for you. Easy-to-manage churn and well-readable code makes it easier to scale and implement frequent updates.

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Design better solutions

Need an easy-to-develop solution? Use cutting-edge protocols and cloud products. Then leverage the most recent libraries and components designed to perform well with Go. It’s that simple!

GO team augmentation

Our developers blend with your existing teams, processes, and culture to
boost your development velocity and fill in the gaps.

7 days

Shortened time to deploy
talented engineers to 7 days.


Reduced additional costs related to hiring an engineer by 25%*.

*thanks to no recruiting agency fees and less involvement of HR.

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Shorter recruitment process

Tired of the never-ending recruitment process to hire developers? With us, you can choose a suitable employee from a global pool of developers who will start working on your project right away.

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On-demand access to engineers

Don’t want to hire many developers at once because you don’t have consecutive projects? Try flexible team management depending on project needs, and respond better to business needs.

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Reduction of overall development costs

How to reduce costs related to development? It’s easy! Thanks to our team augmentation service, you’ll lower fixed costs of coding and product development. Furthermore, you will increase the flexibility of budget allocation.

Development in alternative technologies

We do frontend and backend development, DevOps, data
engineering, machine learning, and more!

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Our developer teams always seek
opportunities to make positive
impacts within the organizations
they work with.

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Thanks to a streamlined recruitment
process, no recruiting agencies, and less
engagement of HR, the hiring
process is fast and efficient.


One-stop shop

The technologies we work with complement each other. If you feel that microservices could be part of a bigger picture, we can deliver the complete product.


Platform and cloud infrastructure management

We know how to effectively allocate and deliver key resources, such as cloud computing, whenever they are required. Don’t hesitate to ask.


Multiple technologies

We love Go, but we use other technologies and combine them wisely. We code in Java, Python, .NET, React, Next.js, and TypeScript.

App platform setup

We build custom pipelines, workflows, and CI/CDs. We also conduct automated tests to improve the development process of your product.


Faster than manual

7 days

Full platform setup

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Custom Pipelines & Workflows

We build custom pipelines that are optimized end-to-end to automate processes and make coding and deployment as efficient as possible. We design custom, project-based workflows that implement feedback loops for better communication.

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Custom CI/CD

By implementing the CI/CD pipeline, we can find bugs and fix them almost as soon as they occur, allowing us to deliver faster results. Code is constantly being put into production rather than waiting for deployment.

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Test Automation

Test automation allows faster deployment and delivery while optimizing costs. We have proven time and time again that our automated tests are highly accurate, leading to increased productivity and system efficiency.


We develop complex integration solutions to increase business process automation and effectiveness.
We can lead the way of integration with third-party providers or payment gateway (PCI-compliant).


Increase in process efficiency by automation


Security improvement


Real-time data collection and visibility

Integrations allow you to collect and track the progress and key parameters of business processes carried out in many business systems from one central location. As a result, problems can be noticed earlier and decisions made faster based on all available data.


Increased process efficiency

Replacing manual steps with automatic integration to move data and activities across system boundaries speeds up the execution process. It also allows employees to focus on key decisions and tasks that the machine cannot perform.


Improved system security

Assuming the integration is designed, implemented, and deployed according to best practices, the overall security of your IT systems is improved. Fewer employees need access to all systems, scope of access can be better controlled, and access credentials used by the integration modules are limited to specific environments.


We support and maintain the entire transformation process in your company - from glitches, through disruptions, to problems. We are happy to fix and optimize systems.


Increase in system performance


User support

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Continual optimization

We constantly optimize the system performance by fixing disruptions, enhancing back-end performance, and updating the system with new transformative features and functionalities.

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User support

We analyze user information and resolve issues without delving into the code. Our engineers handle user-side issues and minor glitches in your app before they escalate into service-disrupting problems.

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When a system deficiency is the root cause, our expert troubleshooting team will investigate the issue, detect and fix errors, or execute performance-critical configurations, installations, and updates.

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