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Upgrade your business with a custom solution based on large language models that perfectly answers the needs of your organization.

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    Unlock the full potential of your business.

    To harness the most of the AI models according to your specific requirements, it is best to have a team of skilled engineers to assist you. We can be that team.


    Identifying Your Needs

    We start from analyzing your business case and your pain points, to decide what type of integration and model will work best and what will be the full scope of work.


    Design, Development & Deployment

    We design, develop, and deploy your digital product with the desired AI solution. Our engineers work closely with your organization and become a real part of the tech team.


    Know-how = Independence

    We take care of the product maintenance, to make sure your solution is always up to standards. Moreover, you keep all the know how needed to make informed decisions inside your organization.

    Industries that can gain a lot.


    For enhanced mental health support, remote patient monitoring, medication management, and more.


    Boost your online shopping experience and push the revenue to the limits.

    Customer Support

    Experience the most effective and optimized customer support operations.


    Provide your clients with the best Fintech platform experience.


    Launch better, faster, and more profitable campaigns.

    Your business case

    Our experience tackles even unique business cases.

    What are some of the business use cases?


    Personalized interactive virtual assistants.

    CRM Systems

    Automated, efficient customer support and better customer satisfaction.

    Marketing automation

    Better personalization and quicker campaign preparation.

    Recommendation engines

    Personalized recommendation systems that can help your users or customers.

    CMS Platforms

    Batter experience for long-term clients and more returning customers.

    Content Generation

    Automatically generate custom content and translate it into dozens of languages on the spot.

    Trust in

    We have over 20 years of experience in the global IT market.

    Most of our long-term clients are US-based fast-growing businesses in healthcare, eCommerce, MarTech, and FoodTech industries.

    Proven track record

    And long-term clients

    Future-proof solutions

    We develop with future in mind

    Focus on the business

    We take your business goals and needs seriously

    World-class tech talents

    We’ll make the custom GPT-4 integration work marvellously